Established in 1993, NCH today has over $3 billion of capital under management in the markets of Russia, other countries of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Co-founders George Rohr and Moris Tabacinic were among the very earliest Western investors in the region and NCH has become one of the largest Western financial investors in these markets, with funds across four asset classes:  listed equity, real estate, agribusiness and private equity.

NCH investors include leading university endowments, corporate and state pension funds, foundations, family offices and other institutions.

Following two years of successful “incubation” with the private capital of the principals of NCH, NCH Brazil opened to outside capital in July of 2012. The strategy of the NCH Maracanã Fund(s) continues the entrepreneurial vision and deep value philosophy of the founding partners of NCH. The current focus is on the identification of those companies exceptional enough to become the leaders in supplying goods and services to the rapidly growing middle class in Brazil. The NCH team is experienced and fully engaged with the Brazilian business community, with offices in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro.
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